" The year is now 2009 and the city of Seoul is incorporated as the third major city of Japan. Despite his heritage as a Chosun (native Korean) Special Agent Ryu Sakamoto (Jang Dong Keon) speaks Japanese and has completely forgotten his heritage. Along with his partner, Saigo (Toru Nakamura), they pledge allegiance to the Japanese Empire that grows in strength by the day. A small band of Chosuns begin to form an underground resistance called the "Hurei Senjin" (Chosun Liberation Confederation). Ryu and Saigo are called in to investigate the matter and put an end to the resistance. But Ryu soon meets a woman from the Senjins that he's seen before in his dreams. Is this really a coincidence or is it part of a dark conspiracy . . . " Stolen from aznfilms.com